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Dr. Mohamed Wassim Maaz

 Dr. Mohammed Maaz, Paediatrician,  was a well-known doctor in  the Aleppo Hospital in Syria. He shared his time between the children’s hospital and the emergency room. Dr. Maaz died when a bomb targeted his hospital on April 27. In total, 57 peoples were killed during this attack, assigned to the Syrian government.

Date of death: 04/27/2016

Originally from Aleppo, Dr. Maaz was working the day at the Children’s Hospital and the night in the emergency room at Al-Quds Hospital. He promised to serve the children of his hometown in Aleppo and refused to leave when his family fled to Turkey. He had been preparing to cross the border to visit his family before he died. When the bombings intensified a few days before the fatal attack, he and the rest of the team brought the incubators to the ground floor to protect them.

His colleagues remember him as: a dark beard, always neatly trimmed, tired eyes but lively. Dr. Maaz knew how to face tragedies and make his colleagues smile despite the heavy bombings that devastated the city since 2012.

Conditions of the death:

Late on Wednesday night on April 27, 2016, an airstrike hit the al-Quds hospital and killed him, as well as one of his fellow dentists, 3 nurses, 22 civilians and wounded more than a dozen others.

His colleagues who survived the last bombing said: “Dr Maaz was considered the best paediatrician in the region and was one of the last ones left in this hell”.

“He was the most efficient pediatrician in the city and the best doctor in the hospital. He was friendly, kind and he used to joke a lot with the whole staff. He was the loveliest doctor in our hospital” says his colleague Dr. Hatem, Director of a Children’s Hospital in Aleppo.

“Dr. Maaz was a very dedicated paediatrician and chose to risk his life to help the people of Aleppo. Al-Quds was the main hospital for children and he was an important pediatrician. His death is a terrible loss.” says Mirella Hodeib MSF spokeswoman in Beirut.