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Dr Issa Ajaj

Dr. Issa Abderrahman Ajaj was assassinated at his home on Saturday, September 1 in Daraa. He was a reputed surgeon and had been very active saving lives on the ground since the beginning of the war. He had been arrested and tortured several times for supporting, curing and rescuing peaceful protesters.

Date of the death: 09/01/2012 (48 years old)

Dr. Ajaj, born in 1965 in Saham Al-Golan, is considered to be one of the most qualified surgeons in the province of Daraa. He was the father of 6 children.

Condition of the death:

On Saturday, September 1,  the city of Daraa was heavily bombed. During the same time 18 people were killed by the militias of the Syrian regime. Among them, a child, mutilated and found stabbed in Al-Qadam, Damascus and Dr. Issa Ajaj.

Despite numerous arrests, including one of 9 months, his dismissal from the Daraa National Hospital at the beginning of the conflict and the threat of assassination by the Syrian Regime Forces, Dr. Issa Ajaj continued to save the lives of the peaceful protesters. He refused to leave his country to save himself. During his arrested on Friday, May 25, 2012, he was tortured for 19 days in jail and came out deeply mutilated.

Few weeks later, Dr. Issa Ajjaj was shot in the head and chest at his home on 1 September 2012. “His hands did not touch any weapons, just the instruments of a surgeon who was struggling to ensure every breath of his patients ” Libération, September 6, 2012

“Words cannot describe the heroism of this great men who sacrifice everything to preserve the pride and dignity of Syria. Dr. Ajaj is one of it’s heroes. And they will never be just numbers in our pages, they are symbols and leaders, who have gone before us to enable us to achieve victory. Oh our heroes, we promise to continue the work for which you have sacrificed your life.” Excerpt from a journal of Daraa.