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Doctors in Danger EVENT

Thursday, September 28th, 2010, The Doctors In Danger event will explore the horrific attacks against  health care workers in Syria.  The event is also to commemorate their honourable service and carry their memory in the history. Several influential personalities will be present and a heart-felt closing concert with Souad Massi.


2 pm: Opening of #DoctorsinDanger 

2 pm to 4 pm:

  • Music by Jundi Majhul and other artists
  • Exhibit:  Virtual reality film inside a UOSSM hospital in Syria.

4 pm to 6 pm: Beginning of the tribute

  • Introduction by Narimène Bey, singer
  • Speeches from guests
  • Reading by public figures: The names of the  732  healthcare workers killed in Syria

6 pm to 8 pm:  Concert by   Souad Massi and many other artists:

  • Jundi Majhul
  • Refugees of Rap