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#DoctorsinDanger campaign

A coalition of medical, humanitarian and civil organizations has joined forces with the medical NGO UOSSM to denounce the targeting of hospitals and medical staff in Syria. The war in Syria is the biggest humanitarian catastrophe since the Second World War.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the medical situation continues to deteriorate and has reached a new low with the destruction of 70% of the medical infrastructure. In 2016, 1000 direct and indirect air attacks targeted hospitals. Some hospitals were targeted up to 25 times with an average of three attacks per hospital.  Three-quarters of the hospitals were located in buildings not intended to accommodate medical facilities and were thus improvised hospitals. They were poorly equipped to provide the necessary medical care needed. More than half of the staff in these hospitals were not trained to respond to air attacks. There is an urgent need today to protect hospitals and health personnel against air strikes.


Dr. Anas Al-Kasseem, as part of the Doctors in Danger Campaign, leads a  petition to Justin Trudeau and the UN Security Council (carried by several other doctors in the United States, France and the United Kingdom).

The time is now to  mobilize. Since the beginning of the conflict, more than 732 healthcare workers have been killed in Syria. With Doctors in Danger, we hope to pay tribute to these healthcare workers. These modern-day heroes, readily risked their lives while they could have escaped far from the bombs. We honour their names and their memories in the Doctors in Danger memorial where you can find their names, location and the cause of deaths. They should not be forgotten and the list of victims MUST stop growing. On Thursday, September 28, we will pay tribute to them on the esplanade of the Townhall of Paris in a public ceremony.