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Dr. Ammar Asfari

Dr. Ammar Asfari was a dentist and field rescue worker in Idlib. He nearly died in the beginning of 2014, when daily bombings devastated the region and and specifically targeted hospitals. One day while at the market, away from the hospital, a plane dropped a bomb. Dr. Ammar Asfari was one of the many victims.

Date of death: 03/15/2014 (50 years old)

Dr. Ammar Asfari was a dentist. Born in Idlib in 1964. He was a member of the Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation since its creation and lead their Emergency Field System in Atmeh. He lived in the village of Maarrat Misrin.

Conditions of death:

Dr. Ammar Asfari practiced at the Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation Hospital in Atmeh, Idleb. At the beginning of 2014, air strikes on the region intensified. The doctor narrowly escape death on February 23, 2014 when bombing targeted his hospital. As the 3rd anniversary of the Syrian Revolution approached, attacks were daily on villages with a focus on hospitals. On March 15, 2014, the day of the anniversary, the strikes were particularly violent on the village of Maarat Misrin.

At 9:30 am, a plane dropped a bomb on a busy market in the city. A cloud of dust rose in Maarat Misrin. There were many wounded and 17 people died including Dr. Ammar Asfari.

He was known for his courage, sincerity, and limitless devotion to his work and to others. “When there was a bombardment, he risked his life to go to the scene and help the wounded. He was known throughout Idlb for that and did not hesitate to devote himself entirely to his work, despite the financial difficulties and the dangers in the streets which he had to face”.

“Dr. Ammar served his people and his country. He sacrificed himself for them.” – Dr. Ghassan Abboud, friend and colleague of the doctor.