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Dr. Abbas Khan, 32, a British Orthopaedic Surgeon from Streatham, South London, died on December 16, 2013 in a Damascus prison. Dr. Khan was  arrested in Aleppo in November 2012, where he was on sabbatical for a year to help victims of the Syrian conflict.

Date Of Death: 12/17/2013 (32 years old)

Dr. Abbas Khan was an experienced Orthopedic Surgeon who practiced in South London. A father of two kids, he had taken a sabbatical from Saint Helier University Hospital and had gone to Aleppo. Aleppo was devastated by the bombings and he came to help the innumerable wounded.

Cause Of Death:

On 22 November 2012, Dr. Abbas Khan was arrested by the regime soldiers at a checkpoint and sent to prison. All communication with the outside world was prohibited. His family, living in England, were worried about his disappearance and alerted the British Government, but nothing was done. His mother, Fatima Khan, decided to travel alone to Syria in July 2013 to ask for his release. Laboriously, she went from prison to prison to find her son. When she finally found him, the nightmare did not end there.  “I hugged him. He was a skeleton. He was in tears. I said: ‘Look, Mummy is here for you ‘ ” and he replied “Sorry, I should not come have here, please take me home” Said Mrs. Khan .

Her son was missing a fingernail and his feet were completely burnt. When she asks him about his injuries, he replied: “This is nothing, I have suffered more than this.” In addition to the conditions “being like hell”, with cockroaches, mice and feces on the floor, he was violently beaten by his jailers.

On 16 December, Dr. Abbas Khan should have been released.  On 17 December 2013, Dr. Abbas Khan was declared dead by the Syrian authorities. His family denounces his execution by the Syrian government.   “My brother was ready to come home.”- Afroze Khan, brother of the deceased

 “We have always maintained that our brother was an innocent man who traveled to Syria for no other reason than helping injured civilians in the conflict. We have always maintained that he was mistreated, humiliated and tortured by the Syrian authorities and that he was murdered by them “ . Said Afroze Khan