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Immersion in a hospital in Syria, follow the daily life of a doctors under the bombs!

Unprecedented experience. Have a 360 °  look inside a hospital in Northern Syria, in the heart of the conflict.  Our reporters followed the work of Dr. Ahmad Jawhar, a Pediatric Surgeon in Aleppo and Dr. Iyad Baath, a specialist in Pediatric and General Surgery at Bab al-Hawa hospital. You can look left, right, up and down by scrolling the image or by a virtual reality mask.

Follow the war through the eyes of doctors and rescuers at Bab Al-Hawa Hospital. Bombings, consultations, operations, testimonies. Discover the reality of ordinary heroes in Syria.

A movie realized and coordinated by ASML/SYRIA and UOSSM


UOSSM is a medical NGO  which  provides free medical care to the people of Syria regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. The organization started in 2012 when Syrian expatriate doctors from around the world joined to bring medical assistance to victims of the Syria conflict. UOSSM operates: hospitals and trauma, primary healthcare centers, psychological and mental health centers, training and research. UOSSM supports more than 120 hospitals and more than 200 healthcare centers throughout Syria.


Established by Syrians in Syria, ASML  pioneered media solutions for NGOs and humanitarian organizations. In the short term, we are determined to alleviate the immediate suffering of the population, while building the pluralistic foundation for a peaceful and democratic future. We believe in the power of information to mobilize audiences across the world to build a better future. Whether it’s a simple news piece or an award-winning film, ASML produces media which inspires people to act.